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Allergies and Propolis April 29, 2008

I have noticed that my allergies stay at bay, as long as I continue the propolis.  Just out of curiosity, I stopped taking it for 2 day intervals to see if it was the propolis, the mms, or if I just outgrew them.  What I found was that the allergy symptoms seem to return, mildly at first, when I have not had the supplement for 48 hours.  Even while I am taking the MMS supplement.  I also found that when the allergy symptoms start, I can head them off with a 2 capsule dose in just about 15 mins.  It’s awesome, no more “knock me out” allergy meds for my family and I.  I have also not had to medicate the children for allergies since they started on the liquid propolis.  This is truly remarkable!

This is the first bee product I have ever tried, and I am thoroughly impressed.  I truly didn’t expect much from it, and now I won’t “bee” without it.  I have used it on everything from cuts, to painful bruises, to a bitten lip and cheek, to cat scratches, toothaches, and everything in between.  With the most impressive being the fact that I no longer medicate for allergies.  I have not been allergy med free in 14 years, granted they are not gone but they are supressed.  It makes me wonder if they are supressed long enough, will they be gone eventually?  Only time will tell I guess. 

Here’s to living unmedicated, and God Bless!


2 Responses to “Allergies and Propolis”

  1. Ann Wang Says:

    What brand do you use? How do you know it’s purity? Contaminates?

  2. liegeman Says:

    I use one from Durham’s Bee Farm, and I do not know it’s purity. However, when I started taking the capsules I use YS brand and it is certified organic.

    It does make me feel uneasy to take something that I do not know it’s purity, however I felt great taking the Durham’s brand and I can only go on how I feel. I am about to order 3 more bottles from them, as I prefer the liquid over the powder for versatility. I will definitely consider an organic liquid if you know of any inexpensive sources.

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